About Us

We have been registering antenuptial contracts since May of 1995 in the Rustenburg District and in April 2007 we became the first in South-Africa to offer an online antenuptial contract registration service on a national basis. Soon after, various other service providers and attorneys followed in our tracts and a lot of them shamelessly plagued our articles, which explains the similar content on the web today.


We are still here and going strong although most of our initial competitors have been since been replaced by others. In addition to our normal services, we are the only ones to offer our clients a free lifetime hosting service for their antenuptial contract on our cloud server - you will therefore be able to downloaded a copy of your registered antenuptial contract at any time from anywhere on earth at no cost what-so-ever.


No need to worry if you loose your contract, you would not have to track down the Notary or do an expensive search through attorneys that could take forever - simply contact us or use the unique link we would be sending you by e-mail to download a copy of your antenuptial contract.


Our database, exclusively created for our clients, runs back all the way to 2007 and is much more user friendly than that of the Registrar of Deeds!


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